Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My experience visiting a Flea Market

One of the activities organized by Tía Tula last week Sunday was a short trip to a nearby pueblo to visit a flea market. Last week Sunday, I along with some friends of Tia Tula travelled to a nearby town named Holy Carbajosa to experience the flea market.
The market was in the main square, which has a beautiful small old stone church in the center. On the church close to the bell, which is still rung by hand, there was a nest of storks, which although very often seen in Salamanca, always has the ability to charm and fascinate me.  

It was a small “mercadillo” and the items for sale varied from books, magazines, dvds, clothing to older collectible items. Some stalls sold clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes ... all the things which brought happiness to us!! I guess it was a little different for Sergio, the only guy who was with us in the group but he had a good time browsing through the many dvds and books on sale.
What caught my attention was seeing an old movie player with the projector and reels of film also offered for sale. I thought with the exception of the one my dad has, those had disappeared from the face of the Earth! My father is still keeping his, along with film of when I was a child.  Seeing this item in a little flea market in Carbajosa brought back good memories of my childhood.
Afterwards, we all sat on the terrace of a bar in the square for tapas and continued practicing our Spanish. After this visit, I can definitely say that there is always something new and interesting to be discovered in the activities organized by Tía Tula. It was a great way to spend my Sunday morning!
Irene D'Ambra, a student at Tía Tula

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