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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The University of Salamanca celebrates its 800th anniversary

The University of Salamanca is known around the world due to its history, reputation and some of its distinguished students, professors and rectors such as Miguel de Unamuno. Founded in 1218, the USAL (University of Salamanca) celebrates its eighth centenary, which is fundamental to the city and even to the whole country. On the occasion of such important event, the artist Miquel Barceló has drawn the following logo. In addition, the University has organised a program of activities in order to remember its history, among which artistic and photographic exhibitions, concerts, theatrical representations, conferences, seminaries, besides student and sport activities. The alumni who have already studied at the USAL also have the opportunity to meet again on May 25th and 26th, when a promotion meeting will be held. 

About the University history, its fundation, back eight centuries ago, led to the creation of the first University library in all Europe. Since then, the reputation of the Major School Library grew and was enriched with additions like the Sky of Salamanca (Cielo de Salamanca), paiting made by Fernando Gallego which is part of the artistic heritage of the city.

The activities proposed by the local government include names such as Bob Dylan, whose concert takes place on March 24th, whereas Salamanca will celebrate the International Jazz Festival during the summer.

Among the exhibitions, “Pioneers of Modernity. XIX and XX Centuries in the Gerstenmaier Collection”, “Iconography of Unamuno”, and “Seduced by the reality” offer the possibility to see some works made by the main figurative artists in Spain. A medallion dedicated to the King Alfonso IX de León, under whose regency the University was founded, is going to be placed in Plaza Mayor.

Salamanca has always owned the reputation of relying on one of the world’s eldest instituctions, which is why we have the refrain: “What nature does not give, Salamanca does not lend”, (Lo que naturaleza no da, Salamanca no presta).

Finally, the city has been the protagonist of films and books. In fact, this is an excellent time for students and tourists from all around the world who would like to visit Salamanca and the mixture of all the festivities makes it such a unique occasion.