Thursday, September 6, 2012

Say good bye to the summer and hello to the party in Salamanca

We leave behind the month of August and at the same time the summer. Farewell to the summer! Yes, but before saying hello to the new academic year, we are going to enjoy the parties in town that take place in this month of transition which is normal and the routine during autumn and winter.

(The idea with the academic courses and the normal and routine in autumn and winter, it´s if we speak about the classes in the schools, institutions or university; in the Spanish School, like ours, you know that we have courses perpetually because there are classes that run continuously and others that  start nearly every week.)

Salamanca celebrates (in honor of its Saint, la Virgen de la Vega) its fundamental local’s parties during the second and third week of September (specifically this year, the officials dates - the non officials lengthened - are from the 7th to the 15th of this month.) : firework, concerts, cattle market,  bull runs, music in the street full of people and stands with snacks and drinks with the famous Feria de Dìa - from the 6th to the 16th – the stands turned up nearly in the last years, in the flag – like a small city – of this parties.

You can see for example on the following link the full program of festival and fiestas of Salamanca for thisyear 2012.

We are working on integrating some activities of those parties in our next program of extracurricular activities; we invite you to participate in it, in order to realize all you could do.

The city is precious those days, with all the students that comes back to it, and with all that atmosphere of party, you deserve to experience it and fully enjoy it.

See how many pinchos (snacks) of the festival you could try before they actually leave.

We will try to incorporate some of the activities of these parties in our next school programs, we invite you to participate. The city is beautiful during these days, with all the students returning and with all the festive turmoil  that it makes it well worth living it and enjoying it to the fullest. 

See how many pinchos you can eat before the casetas are packed away...

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