Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer photo of Tía Tula

A tradition of Tía Tula is to take a picture of the students, teachers and staff in front of the entrance on Rúa mayor street when summer comes. There is a Spanish expression and it says no están todos los que son pero sí son todos los que están” that means, “Not all of the listed are here, but the ones that are here, are listed”. This is a good reflection to practice Ser / Estar (In fact, there are other people in Tía Tula at this time - it is a picture only of the morning shift - but all people that appear in the photo are from Tia Tula: either students, teachers or school staff)

This summer photo was taken a few days ago and already a bit old because some students have gone and new ones have arrived (it might be the destiny of a Spanish language school). Let’s see if it still remains beautiful when we take another one in August.

Will you be in the next photo, or the one after the next? We are sure you'll leave here smiling!

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