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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Extracurricular activities 07.01.2019 - 13.01.2019

We hope you enjoyed these special days.
We are starting a new year with amazing activities. It's time to find out what they are:

Monday 07:  Day off 

Tuesday 08, 16h20: Guided tour - Are you interested in the history and/or legends of Salamanca's monuments? Our teacher will accompany us to know the main monuments of the city.
Approximate duration: 1 hour

Wednesday 09, 19h: Language exchanges - Like every Wednesday we wait for you for our exchanges Spanish-English / English-Spanish, in Manolita Coffee Bar!
Approximate duration: 1h 

Thursday 10, 18h30: Tapas route - If you like tapas, come with us to taste the best skewers from some of the bars in the city center. 
Approximate duration: 1h30

Friday 11, 19h50: Yoga class – What better way to feel good about yourself than yoga? Come practice the basic positions with Nela!
Approximate duration: 1h

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13: Trips - Go to the school office to find more information about possible destinations for this weekend.

We remind you that it is necessary to register at the secretariat for each activity to reserve your place (the minimum number of participants required is generally 3 people). We remind you that the meeting point - unless otherwise indicated - is always the Tía Tula School.

The activities are not only designed to entertain (guaranteed) but also to improve your knowledge of the culture of Salamanca and Spain, and also to put into practice the Spanish you learn in class.

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