Monday, June 29, 2015

Extracurricular activities 29.06.2015 - 5.07.2015

Big week ahead of us. Check out all the activities we have in store for you:

Monday 29, 5:30 pm: Quiz and games around the city - Follow the clues with your team, answer the questions and fulfill the challenges. A great way to get to know the city better, practise your Spanish and have fun. Plus, there is a price for the winning team. A former student wrote about this activity in this article.
Approximate duration: 1:30 h.

Tuesday 30, 4:30 pm: Film – Don't miss out. Watching films is an effective way to perfect your listening skills and broaden your vocabulary.

Wednesday 1, 6:30 pm: Games in the park - Come play some card games in the shade of the trees by the river Tormes. 
Approximate duration: 1:30 h.

Thursday 2, 3:40 pm: Zumba – Teacher Lourdes will introduce us to the zumba world. Read more about it and warm up with some zumba songs in this article.
Approximate duration: 1 h.

Friday 3, 9:30 h: Storyteller – Here is our recommendation for today: enjoy storyteller Maricuela de Teruel's show at Casa de las Conchas. No entrance free.

Saturday 4, Sunday 5: Excursions – Segovia, Toledo, Aveiro, Lisboa-Fátima-Coimbra... Several destinations available for one-day trips and weekend trips. Further information at the reception desk.

Please don't forget that you need to sign up for each activity at the reception desk (in order to reserve your place). The minimum number of participants required for each activity is usually three. Unless otherwise stated, the meeting point is Tía Tula school.

Try to participate in as many activities as you can; they are designed not just for you to have fun, but also to improve your knowledge of Salamanca and Spanish culture, and to put into practice the Spanish you have learnt in class.

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