Friday, May 23, 2014

International Day of the Book

As every year, we’ve celebrated the International Day of the Book (23 April), we’ve taken the opportunity to ask the school staff which book of the Hispanic literature they will read again. The literary works could be of any genre but originally written in Spanish.
The purpose of this poll was to create a list of our favorite books, by Spanish or Hispanic authors, to recommend to students and of course, enjoy ourselves. Throughout this work, we were able to confirm what we were already suspecting: the school staff has an exquisite literary taste!
Here is the result of this small public opinion poll (in strict alphabetical order, though...):

Aline : ‘Sin noticias de Gurb’  by Eduardo Mendoza.
Ana Andreu : ‘La tabla de Flandes’ by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.
Ana Cortina : ‘El manuscrito de piedra’ by Luis García Jambrina.
Ana Fernández : ‘El maestro del Prado’ by Javier Sierra and ‘La verdad sobre el caso Savolta’ by Eduardo Mendoza.
Ana Sáenz : ‘Retahílas by Carmen Martín Gaite.
Beatrice : ‘La sonrisa etrusca’ by José Luis Sampedro .
Carmen : ‘El tiempo entre costuras’ by María Dueñas and ‘Como agua para chocolate’ by Laura Esquivel .
Cristina Martin : ‘Cien años de soledad’ by Gabriel García Márquez, and ‘Retrato en sepia’ by Isabel Allende.
Cristina Ramos : "La Celestina" by Fernando de Rojas.
Elena : ‘Poesía completa’  by Alejandra Pizarnik .
Enrique : ‘La ciudad y los perros’ by Mario Vargas Llosa, and ‘Olvidado Rey Gudú’ by Ana María Matute .

Javier : ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ by Torcuato Luca De Tena.
Lourdes : ‘Espantapájaros’ by Oliver Girondo .
Macarena : ‘La sombra del viento’  by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
Montse : "Bichos" by Miguel Torga .
Nela : ‘Poeta en Nueva York’ by Federico Garcia Lorca.
Rosa: ‘La Tía Tula’ by Miguel de Unamuno, and ‘Marianela’ by Benito Pérez Galdós.
We’ve also included the list of the 100 best novels in Spanish published by El Mundo newspaper in 2001, in which they’ve taken into account the opinion of both 20,000 critics and readers:
Top  100 novels in Spanish by “El Mundo” - 2001
We hope you come over just as well as us with these magnificent works. In addition to, we'd love to know your opinion. What book of Hispanic literature would you like to read again?

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