Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Salamanca’s Fiesta de la Virgen de la Vega!

Every year on the 8th September Salamanca celebrates the Feast of the Virgin de la Vega. It began long ago by the Roman Bridge as a simple agricultural and livestock fair but it has now changed into a time of Celebration for its Patron and is a tradition that has endured centuries.

Legend has it that the Virgin helped Salamanca  to defend the assault of the troops who wanted to invade in 1706 during the War of Spanish Succession. A statue representing the Saint was recovered from the former Monastery of Vega and was placed on the high altar in the Cathedral of Salamanca. la Virgin de la Vega has been the patron Saint of the city since 1618 and shares this patronage with San Juan de Sahagun. There have been several miracles and favors attributed to her intervention.

The festival will start on September 7, and on the 8th will be the feast of the Patron. During the festival there will be many shows in the streets, concerts, parties for citizens, students and tourists to enjoy. This year the many celebrations include: Etnohelmántica Festival, Street Arts Festival, Medieval Market, Fair Day, bullfighting etc. 

An explosion of music, fun and laughter!!

Valeria, Intern at Tía Tula.

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