Friday, August 30, 2013

A student's experience in Tia Tula and Salamanca.

Today I decided to interview fellow student at Tia Tula Japanese national Miyuki, with whom I am sharing this experience of learning Spanish at Tía Tula. I asked about her experience in Tia Tula and her general experience in Salamanca. This is what she had to say.

Me: Why do you want to learn Spanish?
Miyuki: At the University I attended in Japan, one of the courses I took was Spanish. I wanted to learn to speak fluently and so I decided to further my studies, also I enjoy practicing the language with foreigners!
Me: How long have you been studying in Spain?
Miyuki: I have been here for one year.
Me: Why did you choose Salamanca?
Miyuki:  Salamanca is known as a place where persons speak fluent, clear Castilian and it is also a city where many foreigners study. For me it is ideal, I can focus on studying among other persons pursing the same goal. Also the price of living in the city is very affordable, which provides for a good quality of life.
Me: What is your objective during your time learning Spanish in Salamanca?
Miyuki: I want to pass the DELE B2 exams, as well I want to achieve fluency and to communicate in Spanish without any problems. In Spain I have many Spanish friends, which has helped me greatly in improving my communication skills.
Me: Do you want to leave a comment for prospective students who are thinking of coming to Salamanca and enrolling in Tia Tula?

Miyuki:  The atmosphere in Tía Tula is very intimate, I always feel like I am at home! The staff makes you feel very welcome and you will make friends with other international students throughout the school.  The teachers are very kind and patient and the school also offers a variety of activities each week. Personally I definitely recommend coming to study Spanish at Tía Tula!

Thanks Miyuki!!

Interview by Noriko, student internship in Tía Tula.

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