Friday, June 14, 2013

My stay in Salamanca

I have been in Salamanca for a little more than one month and here I am, already halfway through my internship. Time goes by so quickly here! Between work, activities and travel, I do not have time to get bored. 
My internship in the office is very interesting and rewarding. My colleagues always take the time necessary to show and explain new things to me and the work matches well what I have to do as part of my studies of personal assistant. What I also appreciate is that there are always things to do, whether ad frequent tasks as welcoming new students, responding to emails or going to send mail or tasks over the long term as marketing tasks ... activities, Tia Tula offers a variety of activities every week. These are always a good opportunity to spend time with other students and to get to know new ones that have just arrived. During these activities, we speak in Spanish, which allows everyone to practice outside of class; those who have a good level helping those who have more difficulties. 

Last week, I enjoyed climbing to the Clerecia towers. We were eight students of Tia Tula and got to see the whole city from the top of the towers, a gorgeous view! 
I also take the weekends to visit this region of Spain: on Saturdays I go visit surrounding cities or villages. As you will see if you search a bit on the internet, there are many places to go by bus. The rest of my free time, I hang out with students of Tia Tula or with other people I've already met. 
It is impossible to come to Spain and miss the famous Tapas, which are a very friendly way of eating. There are also regular events in Salamanca which you can attend for example these days there was the FACYL festival, you can also watch film in VO subtitled, or go to listen to concerts in bars ... 
For me, Salamanca is a city where you never get bored. As a foreign student, it is very easy to meet people and there is no better way to improve in Spanish!

Claire, Intern

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