Friday, October 19, 2012

Spanish /English intercambio

Last night, Spanish and English students from Tía Tula went out to practice their target language. 

Although it was raining, the worst rain I´ve seen in a while, it didn´t dampen our spirits. We headed to Las Cavas which is a bar very close to Tía Tula and set ourselves up with drinks and Tapas, ready to talk the night away. 

It worked out really well as there was at least one Spanish person to each table and we occupied 4 tables in total, so it was a good turn out. 

First we started in English, then after half an hour we changed to Spanish so that everyone had a go at practicing their target language. I saw a very good effort from everybody and even when people didn´t know how to say things, others helped them out. 

All in all it was a very enjoyable night. This week we will be doing something similar but with a little bit of a difference. We will head to a place where we can play table games. For those who don´t know how to play, don´t worry, I´m sure the Spanish people will help you out!

So if you´re looking for a way to improve your Spanish in a relaxed environment, don´t hesitate to put your name down for the activity. As those who attended last night will tell you, it was really fun!

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