Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spanish day 12/10/12.

The 12/10/12 is a national holiday in Spain and it is called ´Día de la hispanidad´ but what does that mean?
This public holiday is a holiday that takes place every year on the 12th October to commemorate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus´s arrival in the Americas. 

This day is also a day which is celebrated in other countries as well as Spain. In Spain, it´s also a day which is dedicated to the patron Saint of the Hispanic people ´nuestra señora del Pilar´ and to the Spanish civil guard. 

It is known as the ´Día de la hispanidad´ to emphasise Spain´s connection to the international Hispanic community. 

The day was first held in Madrid in 1935. Nowadays the armed forces do a military parade through Madrid. 

The day isn´t celebrated very much; there are no parades as such, just the military parade in Madrid and no events are planned.     

So if you were wondering what it´s all about, know you have a an idea.

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