Sunday, September 30, 2012

Come and work for us!

Hi all, I am a French student studying the BTS Trilingual Executive Assistant course and this is my story of my internship in Tía Tula.

When I arrived as a student intern in Tía Tula, I felt a little lost. I was afraid of not being up to par. However, there was no need to be, as the team at Tía Tula very quickly put me at ease! I immediately felt like part of the school, as if I had always worked for them.

The team all have different characters, but their greatest trait is undoubtedly the ‘joie de vivre’ they breathe, their good humor and attention they carry them as well as towards all the students.

In addition to the pleasant and friendly atmosphere, working as an intern at Tía Tula allowed me to put into practice the skills I acquired during my years as a student: classifying and archiving documents, using computer software, creating and organizing extracurricular activities, putting information in a database, and so on!

You’ll never be bored as the tasks are varied and they are entrusted to us according to our abilities. So do not panic, you will never be given anything insurmountable to do.

Work with Tía Tula is also an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and with a one common goal: to learn Spanish in a good atmosphere and discover the country. You quickly become friends with the students and build relationships that are kept even when you leave. In my case, I had the chance to meet a Taiwanese student. We shared the same apartment and we went to school together for only one week, but she quickly became my friend. Today, even after her return to her country, we talk on Facebook and sometimes on Skype.

The icing on the cake is quite possible the fact that you can take Spanish classes while working in the school. This option gives you a 50% reduction on the course fees. In addition, this is the best way to gain a full understanding of this wonderful school!

If you want to work in the administration and would like to gain some experience first, then Tía Tula is just what you need! I recommend this experience to all because it’s very rewarding.

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