Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spanish language school of the year in Ireland

The annual reward ceremony for Spanish education was held at the Spanish embassy in Dublin this year. Every year the Ministry of Education in the UK and Ireland elect and reward the best Spanish language schools and students to promote the teaching of Spanish in Ireland. Tía Tula had a direct presence in the awards this year.

The best students in Ireland were selected with reference to the assessment scores on the Junior Certificate exams (high school) and the Leaving Certificate exams (pre-university). The best students of the Spanish language in Ireland this year were Daniel Coleman (St. Conleth’s College, Dublin) and Michael Angland (Ashton Comprehensive School, Cork).

The best Spanish school of the year is chosen based on different criteria such as the number of students enrolled in Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) courses, the use of innovative methods in teaching, participation in international projects where Spanish is the mean language, the visibility of Spanish and the Hispanic culture and extracurricular activities dedicated to the promotion of the Spanish language.  This year’s best Spanish school in Ireland was the Beaumont National School for Girls (Beaumont, Co. Cork). The school received two completely paid Spanish summer courses in Spain at Tía Tula and the academy, Mester (also in Salamanca). Teacher Elizabeth Corcoran and director Margaret McCarthy will be the lucky ones that get to study Spanish in Salamanca during the summer.

The awards were presented by S.E.D. Javier Garrigues (ambassador of Spain in Dublin) and D. Gonzalo Ceballos (director of the Spanish Tourism Office in Dublin).  About 50 guests from the world of education in Ireland, national agencies and language associations of Spanish teachers attended the ceremony.

Tía Tula would like to congratulate all winners, especially Elizabeth Corcoran, who contacted us, of the Beaumont Nation School for Girls. A warm welcome is waiting for you at Tía Tula!

You can read more about this subject on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

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