Friday, February 10, 2012

A trip to the Automotive Museum

From Monday till Friday, Tía Tula organises activities for all the students so that they can discover the city and get to know each other better. On Tuesday of last week, we went to the Automotive Museum in Salamanca. It’s situated near to the river Tormes, so it’s not so far away from the city centre.

Although the museum may not seem big from the outside, it really is on the inside. There’s an exhibition of all types of cars, from old timers to cars of the future. It’s really interesting to see how cars have changed over the years; not only is the design completely different but also the mechanical parts. Next to each car, there’s a board with information about the origin and how the car arrived in Salamanca… so you really learn something about the vehicles which are exhibited. Moreover, you can see some bicycles and motorbikes in the museum.

So if you’re interested in all kinds of motor vehicles, it’s really worthwhile visiting the museum. Each year, there are various interesting exhibitions and the museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday. 

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