Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our way. 15 Spanish covers of "My Way"

Numerous artists from around the world have recorded their versions of the classic My Way, from Aretha Franklin to The Strokes, including The Three Tenors, Sid Vicious and Kanye West. The melody comes from a French song (Comme d'habitude), and the lyrics were made up by Paul Anka. But if My Way is associated with an artist, that artist would be Frank Sinatra, who played it for the first time and turned it into one of the most popular songs of all time. As we were saying, a great number of artists have sung it and adapted it to different ryhtms ever since. Many of them in English, but others went further and translated it into other languages. Here are 15 covers of My Way (A mi manera) in Spanish, corresponding to different music genres. You can listen to them on Youtube and Spotify:

These are the artists featured on the playlist: 

Siempre Así | Raphael | Il Divo | Gipsy Kings | Julio Iglesias y Paul Anka | Junco | Los Panchos | La Trova | María Martha Serra Lima | Óscar D'León | Estela Raval | Los del fuego | Rayito Colombiano | Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz | Infierno 18

The lyrics to A mi manera aren't the same in all the covers. These are the lyrics to Raphael's version:

El final se acerca ya,
lo esperaré serenamente. 
Ya ves,  que yo he sido así,
te lo diré, sinceramente.

Viví, la inmensidad
sin conocer jamás fronteras,
y bien, sin descansar, y a mi manera.

Jamás tuve un amor
que para mí fuera importante.
Tomé solo la flor
y lo mejor de cada instante.
Viví y disfruté,
no sé si más que otro cualquiera.

Y, sí, todo esto fue a mi manera.

Porque sabrás que un hombre al fin
conocerás por su vivir.
No hay por qué hablar ni que decir,
ni que llorar ni que fingir,
puedo seguir hasta el final
a mi manera.

Tal vez lloré o tal vez reí,
tal vez gané o tal vez perdí.
Ahora sé que fui feliz,

que si lloré, también amé.
Puedo vivir hasta el final
a mi manera.

Bonus track: two special covers
These are not in Spanish (that's why they are not included in the playlist above), but we love the covers by Los Piratas and Andrés Calamaro:

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