Friday, February 27, 2015

The Almond Tree Blossom Festival, what an spectacle

Next Suday, March 1st, the Almond Tree Blossom Festival will be celebrated In La Fregeneda, in the Arribes del Duero nature park, in Salamanca. The town is located 524 metres above sea level, which prevents temperatures from being extremely low throughout the year. As a result, vegetation in the area is totally different from the wheat and holm oak landscapes that we are used to see in the region and that Miguel de Unamuno described so well.

Pareja de alumnos de español de Tía Tula en La Fregeneda
The Almond Tree Blossom Festival is a traditional festivity celebrated late February - early March. The bond between Castilian and Portuguese people can be felt in this celebration. They used to cross countries via a railroad which, despite not being operative anymore, is a very popular hiking trail these days. 

The festival celebrates the short period of blossom of this kind of tree, which also announces the arrival of spring. Among other things, an almond tree is symbolically planted and literary and photographic festivals are announced. Also, in Barca de Alba, a very lively street market is held and livened up by regional dances. A perfect day in the countryside surrounded by the breathtaking beauty  of the pinky-white flowers of the almond tree.

We didn’t want to miss this celebration at Tía Tula, so we have organised a trip there. Check it out on this week’s activities post.

* The almond tree flowers close-ups were taken by our colleague Macarena López.

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