Monday, January 26, 2015

Activities 26.1.2015 - 31.1.2015

Don't miss out a very special event among this week's activities: on Friday Tía Tula, Colegio de Español sponsors a solidary event in favour of the Food Bank (we will tell you more about it tomorrow).

Here is this week's programme:

Monday 26, 17:00: The Cave of Salamanca - Come join us for a vist to the Cave of Salamanca and its legend. Approximate duration: 40 min.

Tuesday 27, 19:45: Evening photography tour - Our colleague Ana will show the best spots to take pictures in Salamanca. Approximate duration: 1 h.

Wednesday 28, 19:30: Cookery class - After this week's class we will master the art of cooking tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette). Approximate duration: 1 h.

Thursday 29, 19:20: Microtheatre - We will enjoy a 15-minute theatre play at La Malhablada. Approximate duration: 30 min.

Friday 30, 19:00: Solidary event - Poetry, theatre and music will meet at Gala Solidaria en favor del Banco de Alimentos, a solidary event in favour of the Food Bank with the participation of personalities from Salamanca's cultural scene_ poets, musicians, photographers... The event will be held in Centro Julián Sánchez "El Charro".

Saturday 31: Excursion - Several destinations to choose from for a weekend or day trip. Ask at the reception desk and don't forget to sign up by Wednesday.

Please don't forget that you need to sign up for each activity at the reception desk (to reserve your place, the minimum number of participants required is usually three). Also, unless stated otherwise, the meeting point is always the same, Tía Tula school. Lastly, if there's no price mentioned with the activity, it means it is for free.

And don't hesitate to participate in as many activities as you can; they are designed not just for you to have fun (that is guaranteed) but also to improve your knowledge of Salamanca and Spanish culture, and to put into practice the Spanish you learn in class.

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