Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Activities 14.10.2014 - 19.10.2014

We hope that after a 3 day weekend you are full energy to start another week of Spanish classes and will join our proposed activities! :)

Monday 13: Holiday. La Fiesta Nacional de España (National day in Spain) is usually celebrated on October 12, but since this year it was a Sunday it was moved to Monday (only in some provinces).

Tuesday 14, 18:00: Exhibition – We will go visit the first exhibition of Enrique Marty in Spain: Terapia de grupo, acto de fe, cuarto oscuro (Group Therapy, leap of faith, dark room). It will be in the exhibition hall DA2. Approximate duration: 1h.

Wednesday 15, 19:15: Cooking class – This week we will learn how to cook a typical Spanish omelette accompanied by a tapa that we will eat later. Approximate duration: 1h.

Thursday 16, 19:00: Vegan Tapas – To mark the World Food Day we will go to El Rastrel to try their vegan tapas. Approximate duration: 1h. 

Friday 17, 16:45: Horseback riding – if you want to experience a ride through the Spanish countryside on a horseback then this is the activity for you! You need to sign up before Thursday, October 16. 

Saturday 18: Excursion – We're going on a trip to Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais. You need to sign up before Wednesday, October 15.

Sunday 19: Hiking trip – Let's take a tour of Duratón and Sepulveda (Segovia). You need to sign up before Tuesday, October 14, 14:00. 

Please don’t forget that you need to sign up for each activity at the reception desk (to reserve your place, the minimum number of participants required is usually three). Also, unless stated otherwise, the meeting point is always the same Tia Tula school. Lastly, if there’s no price mentioned with the activity it means it is free. 

And don’t hesitate to participate in as many activities as you can, they are designed not just for you to have fun (that is guaranteed) but also to improve your knowledge of Salamanca and Spanish culture, and to put into practice the Spanish you learn in class.

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