Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Activities 09.09.14-13.09.14

With the 'feria' on in Salamanca there is loads of people and a great atmosphere around the entire city, why not come along to some of our activities this week to join in with the spirit of the party? On Tuesday you can come with us to some of the 'casetas' around the city, or come and learn to make some typical Salamancan tapas in our cooking class on Wednesday. On Thursday we are going to see a street theatre performance, then on Friday come with us to the medieval market to sample some traditional Spanish dishes. Then if you're looking for a change of scenery this weekend, we have a trip to Madrid planned for you!

Monday 8th: Holiday. Salamanca public holiday for their patron saint, 'the Virgin of the Lake'. Start of the 'ferias' de Salamanca.

Tuesday 9th: Tapas. We are going to explore some of the 'casetas' (the small bars set up all over the city as part of the festivities) and enjoy the festival atmosphere. Meeting Place: Tía Tula, 19:30. Approximate duration 1h.

Wednesday 10th: Cooking Class. We are going to learn how to make some typical 'Salamancan' tapas in spirit of the fair, then we will eat them afterwards! Meeting place: Tía Tula, 18:45. Approximate duration 1h.

Thursday 11th: Theatre in the street. We are going to see a performance of 'Zapatos en el aire' (shoes in the air) performed by a theatre group in the street. The performance mixes theatre, dance and circus acts together. Meeting place: Tía Tula, 17:45. Approximate duration 1h.

Friday 12th: Medieval market. We will take you to explore a medieval market set up as part of the celebrations this week. Come to enjoy a wide variety of things to eat and drink in a traditional Spanish style.

Saturday 13th: Excursion. We will be going to Madrid for the day to enjoy the sights and culture it has to offer. For more information about prices and timings, please contact reception. If you are interested in the excursion it is important to let the secretary know before Wednesday 10th at 14:00

*Note: Please contact reception for information about prices for any of the activities. If you are interested in any of the activities, it is helpful if you contact the reception to let them know beforehand. Minimum 3 people for each activity unless otherwise stated.

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