Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Activities 04/08/14 - 10/08/14

Come for a fun tour of the city with us this week on Monday, or come and learn about the evolution of  the motorcar with us on Tuesday. For a piece of Spanish culture, we have a gazpacho and tapas cooking class and Latin dance classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Come with us to Segovia and Ávila with our excursion on Saturday, or if you fancy a break from Spaish culture come with us to Portugal for the weekend on Saturday to see the cities of Aveiro and Porto.  

Monday 4th: City tour. We will be shown around the city by a Salamancan local, telling us some of the city's famous history whilst playing some fun games along the way! Meeting place: Tía Tula 18:45, approximate duration 1h30.

Tuesday 5th: Automobile museum:  We are going to take a look at and learn about some antique cars in the Salamanca car museum. The museum hosts a permanent exhibition containing more than 90 different vehicles with which you can follow the evolution of the car from the first attempts at powered transport in 1BC, to the modern day, and even into the future with the help of prototypes. Meeting place: Tía Tula 18:30, approximate duration 1h.

Wednesday 6th: Cooking class: Gazpacho + 2 tapas. We are going to learn how to make the famous Spanish dish gazpacho as well as two different tapas to go with it, then afterwards we will eat what we have made! Meeting place: Tía Tula 18:45, approximate duration 1h.

Thursday 7th: Dance Class: We will go to practice some famous Latin dance moves in preparation for the bars and clubs this weekend! Meeting place: Tía Tula 20:00. Approximate duration 1h.

Friday 8th: Micro Theatre: In the 'Malhablada' space we will go and see a short play in Spanish. Meeting place: Tía Tula 19:15, approximate duration 30min.

Saturday 9th: Excursion: This Saturday we will be going to visit the beautiful cities of Segovia and Ávila. Meeting place: Plaza Gabriel y Galán, 08:00am. For more information please ask at reception.

Sunday 10th: Excursion: This weekend we will be going to the Portuguese cities of Aveiro and Oporto, leaving Saturday and returning Sunday with one night in a hotel with bed and breakfast and a tourist guide. Meeting place: Plaza Gabriel y Galán, 07:30am. For more information please ask at reception.

*Note: Please contact reception for information about prices for any of the activities. If you are interested in any of the activities, it is helpful if you contact the reception to let them know. Minimum 3 people for each activity unless otherwise stated.

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