Friday, February 7, 2014

Goya awards 2014, a declaration of love to the Spanish filmmakers!

The Goya awards of Annual 
academy awards a number of awards that consist of a bronze bust of Francisco de Goya made by José Luis Fernández and are awarded annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain that is celebrated every year in the last part of january and the first part of february followed by the presentation of the Oscars. The aim is to reward the best professionals in each of their technical and creative specialties.

Moreover, in the same ceremony, a presentation of the award: Goya of Honor, an award for the work of a filmmaker with a specialty, decided by the Board of Directors.

This time, the council rewards screenwriter Jaime de Armiñán for "a passionate commitment to the medium of film from the sixties, creating a cinema committed to their time and history concerning treaties and agreements."

"With some happiness and sadness" Jaime Arminan receives his award, Honor of Goya 2014. ¨
"It really touched me because we no longer make films. A filmmaker never retreats, I have a nearly complete comedy and I write almost every day. Both myself and my character we can not retire because we do only when we go to the grave sad, "said Jaime Armiñán excited.

The 28d edition of the Goya Awards will be celebrated on sunday the 9th of february. 

The films that will compete for receiving the award are:
- 15 años y un día -

15 years and one day shows the relationship between a troubled teen and his grandfather Max, a retired soldier who lives in a village on the Costa de la Luz. When Jon is sent from school, Margo, his mother decides to send him to his grandfather. It will not be easy. Jon loves danger, and exmilitair is a man of habits that has established itself in a very comfortable way of life. The two will face eachother their fears and limitations.

- Caníbal -
Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but also a killer in the shade. He has no regrets, no guilt, until Nina appears in his life. She learns the true nature of his actions, and so arises, for the first time, love. Carlos is evil and not self-conscious, while Nina is the innocence itself.  The love story of a demon is created.

- La gran familia española -
In life, as in football, the formula for having success is a mix of strategies, decisions, desire, enthusiasm, integrity, drive, and of course a bit of luck.

- La herida -
Ana is 26 years old. Besides her work, she has serious problems in the relational field. She does not know, but she suffers from borderline syndrome, this is a hindrance to her greatest desire to be happy. 

 -Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados -
In 1966, John Lennon arrives in Almeria to record a movie. Paco takes a break from his job for a few days to meet him. He travels with Juanjo and Belen, two young refugees. Almería in 1966 is gonne be a unforgettable destination to these three.

In this link you can find the full list of all candidates :

And here you can find all nominations:

¡La suerte está echada! : There is no going back now.

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