Monday, February 10, 2014

Activities 10/02 - 15/02

Monday, 10th of february, 17:00: Movie: watch a movie with us in español, and improve your spanish at the same time! Location: Tía Tula - Film Duration: 112 min.

Tuesday, 11th of february, 17:00: Basketbal, play with us a game of basketbal (if the weather allows us) Location: Tía Tula - Duration: 1h

Wednesday, 12th of february, 19:00: Dance class, dance with us Salsa and Merengue, in the studio of Raquel Gómez. Price: € 4,- Location: Tia Tula Approximate duration: 45 min.

Thursday, 13th of february, 12:45: Visit town hall, we´re going to the town hall of Salamanca and there will be a presentation of Salamanca. Location: Tía Tula - Approximate duration: 1h
Friday, 14th of february, 20:00 Tapas Gallegas, Try cidre and tapas in the bar Celta. Location: Tia Tula – Approximate duration: 1h

Saturday, 15th of february, Excursion Sevilla. Included: autobus, hotel and guide (tour through the city)

Remember to sign up for the activity at the reception beforehand (the minimum number of people needed for each activity is 3). If the cost is not stated then the activity is free. We recommend that our students participate in the activities so they can get to know other students in the school, so they can broaden their knowledge of Spanish culture and to practice and improve their Spanish in a fun way.

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