Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Los Reyes Magos

On the 6th of January, in Spain the day: Three Kings is celebrated extensively. The festival starts on the 5th of January at 19 pm, when the three kings arrive in their carriages and make their rounds through the city. During this round, they throw thousands of pounds of ' Caramelos ' sweets.

During this holiday, the biblical event is celebrated in which the three kings (Caspar , Melchior and Balthasar) saw a rising star and started looking for the king of the Jews. They reached Bethlehem and found the newborn Jesus.

The kings arrived with a gift for the newborn king (frankincense, myrrh and gold), the tradition of giving presents is kept in Spain, this day is very excited for the kids.

In addition, there is also a special cake eaten on this day, in this cake a toy is hidden. The one that affects this toy can expect a lucky year. In some cases there are other symbols hidden in the cake, such as a coin, if you´ll find this one you should provide and / or pay the evening meal.

The 5th of January in the evening I went with some fellow students to Plaza Mayor, to watch the arrival of the Three Kings. The whole square was full of children who were anxiously waiting for the three heroes. We all managed to catch a ' caramelo ' , which according to some people also represents a period of happiness. We continued the party in some of the many bars of Salamanca .

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