Thursday, January 30, 2014


This week there is a special celebration on Friday the 31th of January ¡Chinese New Year! This festival is also known as the spring festival and is the most important festival in China. The 31th of January 2014 starts the year 4712, according to the Chinese calendar, which corresponds with the year of the Horse.

Horse people are active and energetic. They got plenty of sex-appeal and know how to dress. Horses love to be in the crowd, maybe that is why they can usually be seen in such occasions like concerts, theaters, meetings, sporting occasions, and of course, parties.

The horse is very quick-witted and is right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you are saying: he's on to the thought in your mind even before you've expressed it.
In general, the Horse is gifted. But in truth they are really more cunning than intelligent - and they know that. That is probably why, most of the horse people lack confidence.

Chinese believe that because horses are born to race or travel, all Horse people invariably leave home young. The Horse despises being pressured to act for the good of the group or made to feel guilty. No matter how integrated they seem to be, a Horse's inner self remains powerfully rebellious. Although they have boundless energy and ambition, Horses have a hard time belonging. The Horse is hot-blooded, hot-headed and impatient. Horse people are a bit of an egoist, well, selfish sometimes, that it is rare for them to interest themselves in any problems except their own. And though this egoist works only for themselves and for their own success, their work nevertheless benefits everybody.

The Horse is a worker, adepts at handling money and a good financier. But unfortunately, they are also famous for suddenly losing interest on something. In their relationship with the opposite sex, the Horse is weak. They will give up everything for love.

Being born a Horse, there are many contradictions in their character. Horses are proud yet sweet-natured, arrogant yet oddly modest in their approach to love, envious but tolerant, conceited yet humble. They want to belong, yet they are burdened by their need for independence. They need love and crave intimacy yet often feel cornered, pressured. But the truth is, the Horse is an individual, who depends only on their own wits and labour to get what they want.

It´s a period filled with a lot of celebrations and parties, which begins at new years day and ends with the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the first month. The festival is celebrated with fireworks, special meals and family visits. Everyone celebrates this spring festival, during the first three days of the festival.

During this festival all families pay a lot of effort to be together and to share a big meal. During these dates, public transport is overcrowded.

As in all festivals in China, this festival is also accompanied by the traditional cuisine. The dishes that are prepared for this day symbolize good luck.

To receive the "spring festival", the people clean their homes with old brooms which are thrown away afterwards. They decorate their houses with red cards with verses on it, New Year paintings on the wall and red lanterns. Fireworks and firecrackers are chipped, hoping to ward off bad luck and bring prosperity. The children receive money from their relatives and additionally shut down all tasks before new year which include paying off all their debts.

We celebrate this festival in a slightly more modest way, which does indicate that the party is not special! We are looking forward to welcome you with a typical meal from your home country to share with us. Don´t let us miss it!

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