Monday, December 16, 2013

Activities 17/12 - 20/12

Monday, 16th of December, 18:00: Movie: LA PRIMERA NOCHE DE MI VIDA. Miguel Albaladejo (1998) December 31, 1999, a group of people made plans to spend New Year´s evening, but are disrupted due to unforeseen events and setbacks. Location: Tia Tula - Movie length: 85 min.

Tuesday, 17th of december, 18:30: Bethlehem Town Hall + "The carpenter's son" Exhibition This exhibition consists of more than seventy square meters scenery of life at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ (Showroom San Boal) Location: Tia Tula - Approximate duration: 1h

Wednesday, 18th of december, 17:30: Ice Skating. Come skate with us on the ice rink assembled in the Plaza de la Concorde (behind el Corté Inglés) Price: 5 € (2X1 = € 2.50 per student) Location: Tia Tula - Skating Duration: 45 min.

Thursday, 19th of december, 18:30: Cooking Class: fideuà. You're going to learn how fideuà (typical Valencian dish) is made and enjoy your own meal.
Price: € 7 Location: Tia Tula - Approximate duration: 1h

Friday, 20th of december, 12:00: Christmas party. Sing christmas carols, we'll play the invisible friend, do various activities within the school and of course to celebrate the arrival of the holiday and Christmas.  ¡HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Remember to sign up for the activity at the reception beforehand (the minimum number of people needed for each activity is 3). If the cost is not stated then the activity is free. We recommend that our students participate in the activities so they can get to know other students in the school, so they can broaden their knowledge of Spanish culture and to practice and improve their Spanish in a fun way.

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