Friday, November 15, 2013


I am Liane and last week I started at Tia Tula as an intern for the administration and marketing department. I will keep you informed, at least for six months, about Tia Tula, Salamanca, the language and different activities during these months.

Why Tia Tula?

After I finished my Master in Science: Strategy and Organization, I thought it would be a great experience for me to apply my knowledge in a small company as an intern. I have been interested in the Spanish language since I was young and this combination of working and learning Spanish was a perfect opportunity for me. After reading numerous reviews, which were all very positive, I decided to apply for this internship at Tia Tula.

Why Salamanca?

Salamanca is a small city with loads of language schools and many students as a consequence. Salamanca has many bars and restaurants, which are full of life and sociability. Due to the small size of the city, every attraction and activity is close and the whole city can be explored by feet.

First impression

My first impression is in line with the expectations I had before I came to Salamanca. Tia Tula is a mid-sized school, and because of that, they provide a very personalized attention. They offer the possibility to get to know many students (even from other levels) by offering daily activities in the evenings.
Tia Tula attracts students of many nationalities. My class consists of students from Germany, Italia, Scotland, China, Korea and the United States. Here groups are kept small (with a maximum of 10 students). There is also a great diversity in ages, this makes the school qualified for everyone. I assume that my time on Tia Tula and in Salamanca will be great and full of new experiences.

Liane, student of Tía Tula

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