Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Practice makes perfect…Poco a Poco!

In Tia Tula there are so many international students here and all of them focused on learning Spanish and improving their speaking, writing and reading capabilities. One of the most interesting things for me in interacting and getting to know all of these students is the sharing of the cultures. Not only am I learning about Spanish but I am also learning about so many other different cultures that it’s definitely adding to my experience while I am here!
I really enjoy speaking and practicing with various students. Even though I may be in a different class from some of my friends here it’s really easy to meet and make friends in Tia Tula as the school encourages mingling among the students during daily activities, as well the school has an intimate atmosphere so this makes it really easy to interact with each other.
The school encourages speaking Spanish both in and out of class and it’s definitely best to do so. When we are together we are always speaking Spanish and taking the opportunity to correct each other and this way I’ve learned a lot of new words or how to correctly phrase a sentence and conjugate a verb. Even when I am out in the city and interacting with locals in the stores etc. and I make a mistake or don’t know a word they help me by supplying the word or correcting my Spanish.
This is what I love about being in Salamanca because I have the opportunity to practice at class, with my friends, at my apartment, as well in the streets!  It’s a great opportunity to practice your conversational skills and if you are in Salamanca I would advise you not to be shy. It is expected that you will make mistakes as you are learning a new language, so laugh off the mistakes, they will make for a good story one day!

Debra, student in Salamanca.

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