Friday, September 6, 2013

Saturday adventures!

There is so much to do here while in Salamanca! I had a great day exploring the neighboring city of Avila with my fellow student Nari! On Saturday morning we got up early and headed off to the bus station. Bought tickets for the 8.30am bus and in no time we were on our way. Avila by bus is only one hour and a half away so in between chatting and having a cup of tea the time passed very quickly.

When we arrived we had breakfast at one of the many restaurants populating the city and then heading to the tourist office for a map and information on the city. The entrance to the Wall of Avila is actually in the tourist office so after paying a small fee we excitedly started our walk around the city on top of the Wall. The views were beautiful and the walls are well preserved. The weather in Avila was great, not too hot or cold so we had a good time leisurely strolling along the Wall, climbing the turrets, stopping to take photos and to read the plaques that are set in stone along the way.

After the Wall we walked through the streets of the city and stopped off at the Museum and the 17th century Convent of St Teresa. Everything is well preserved and absolutely beautiful. I have to say though my favorite place that we visited was the Cathedral of Avila. It is suggested the building of the Cathedral started in 1091. It is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture and it is stunning in person. After spending the day in Avila we returned to Salamanca on the train which has a shorter journey time.
Later that day with some of the other students from the school, I attended a concert in Salamanca featuring a group called The Rey Sisters from Ghana. The venue, Santo Domingo garden, was packed with locals and international students and the group didn’t disappoint! Tired but extremely happy from having such a great day I can’t wait to continue my adventures in Salamanca!
Debra, Student in Salamanca.

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