Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer time and concerts in Salamanca

Last week Saturday I was out and about Salamanca enjoying various cultural events which the city has ongoing as part of its Cultural programs for the year.  This month Salamanca will be hosting two concerts every Saturday which gives me the opportunity to go out with my friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.

The first concert we attended was held at The Cave of Salamanca and the group Tarantella Quartet played a mixture of Jazz, Classical and Modern renditions. The concert which started at eight lasted about an hour and we spent it taking in the sounds of Mozart and Beethoven. The venue though small had an intimate feeling and we had an enjoyable time.

After the first concert we decided to have dinner close to the Plaza Mayor while we waited on some other friends to join us for the second concert. After enjoying a delicious dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant (Salamanca has a bit of everything) we were on our way to the second concert.

The second concert was held in the Garden of Santo Domingo and started promptly at 10.30pm. The band played a mixture of Spanish music with reggae beats! They were so good that at the end of the one hour and a half performance the audience called for an encore and the band obliged!

We had an enjoyable evening attending these concerts and we are already looking forward to attending another, as well, I am looking forward to sampling some of the other events that Salamanca will be having for the summer!

Debra, student in Tia Tula

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