Friday, August 9, 2013

Learning to make Spanish paella!

One of the most famous dishes of Spanish cuisine is undoubtedly Paella. This dish is not only appreciated by the excellent combination of ingredients, but also because it is a unique dish very nutritious and healthy. I've always wanted to learn to cook Paella, but unfortunately never had the opportunity until I reached Tia Tula!
In the daily list of extracurricular activities organized by the school was a Spanish cooking class to learn how to make paella and I did not hesitate for a moment to sign up. I was so excited! What better time to learn the art of Spanish cooking! The class is held in a place that is not far from the Main Center, where the owner: Mayte very kindly entertained us during the class.

I was very happy when I heard during class that we were going to prepare Paella with fish because from the wide varieties of Paella, this is my favorite! We started by gathering and chopping, cleaning, slicing etc. all the ingredients needed to prepare the dish and once we finished this stage, Mayte began to explain, step by step, how we had to do everything, giving suggestions and practical advice.

I learned some tricks and methods that I didn’t know before. The class was very exciting and I’m happy I participated. I can’t wait to attend another so that I can learn to prepare Spanish cuisine!  Attending this class also gave me the opportunity to meet and bond with the students in Tia Tula. We had a great time attending this cooking class together and we were so happy with the results! As you can see from the photo it was delicious!  Enjoy!

Valeria, Intern at Tia Tula.

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