Thursday, June 6, 2013

What is FACYL (besides Arts Festival of Castilla y León)?

Today starts in Salamanca the Arts Festival of Castilla y León (FACYL) that sets up in the streets of our city until June 11. It will last a few days but it will be intense. This festival is a unique opportunity to see the works of local and other Spanish artists, famous or unfamiliar.
The festival will include concerts, workshops, exhibitions and conferences pertaining to the arts. This edition aims to have a younger approach and will be more family-oriented than previous ones.
The festival seeks to attract people from all over the country and to this end it is supported by the main local and regional tourism organizations, which offer promotional packages including tickets for the events and hotel booking.
Regarding the music, the program includes two types of concerts: first there will be concerts by famous artists (for which you will need to buy a ticket): Juan Perro - National Award for Contemporary Music 2011 - Mika, Begun, Supersubmarina, among others. There will also be concerts in the street during the morning or afternoon periods, these are free and everyone is invited to attend. These concerts will be held in the Plaza de Anaya and the Patio Chico.
The festival also innovates in this edition with the programming for the first time of two 'Open Mike' evenings bringing together groups and soloists of Salamanca. On the other hand, conferences will be organized for professionals, to discuss various topics related to the actuality of the arts sector (audiovisual and musical).
There will also be exhibitions in DA2, with works by José Luis Pajares and Juan Perez-Fajardo and educational workshops aimed at students between 10 and 17 years.
The audience will also enjoy theatre plays, presented by companies Luceafarul, The Freak Cabaret Circus & Hopscotch and the duo Ravi Prasad and Monica de la Fuente.
The aim of this festival is to strengthen the image of Salamanca as a city of culture and tourism adapted to the youth and families. We encourage you to come to Salamanca, or to go out if you're in town and check out the various activities. If you do send up some pictures or leave a comment on your experience! We’d love to hear from you! For further information on performances and activities please visit website

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