Thursday, May 2, 2013

Visit to La Alberca and the ganaderia

Last Wednesday we went visiting a typical town near Salamanca.
It was actually a visit organized by the school for a group of Belgian students who were in Salamanca for the week, but they also gave the other students of Tía Tula the opportunity to go, since it’s very interesting for people of other countries to see a town like that.
While we were there we walked through the beautiful streets of this little town and we ran into an American lady over there who was geocaching. I think it’s a beautiful experience to feel the connection with other people from abroad, because in some way you’re in the same situation as them, but in another way you can really feel the differences in what they are looking for during their journey.
After visiting the town and having a drink and a chat on one of the bars on the main square we went to the second part of the excursion, namely a ‘ganadería’.
When we arrived at the ganadería they took us on a huge farm wagon to the place where all the bulls were grazing. I expected them to be wild, but I think they are really used to seeing people, so they were not dangerous at all. The guide gave us some information about these animals and after we went to the bull ring where we could try to bullfight ourselves. I wanted to try it, but since the bull wasn’t as little as they told us at first, I decided to not take the risk. There were some students though who did try it and I admire them!
After that we got the chance to ride a horse. It was the first time I did it and I really liked it.
This place was amazing and it made me want to be in the nature more often. The family who is living at the farm is so lucky. They can be around the animals all day! I hope that someday I can go back to this place!
(Written by Julie Crombé, intern at Tía Tula.)

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