Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My internship with Tía Tula

My name is Julie and I have been studying General Management Assistant in Belgium. After 3 years of studying it’s obligatory in Belgium to do an internship for this study to practice what you’ve learned in the past few years. 
I knew since the beginning that I wanted to do this internship in Spain, and what’s a better place to perfect your Spanish than Salamanca? This city is known all over the world for its pure Spanish.
When I first contacted Tía Tula to ask if I could do my internship at the school, they responded immediately, which gave a really great impression to me. They were also very clear in what they explained me, and asked me everything they needed to know about me. They also told me which tasks I could expect during the internship and told me that if I like one task more above another that they would look for more tasks in that direction.
When I arrived the team of employees were really nice to me and helped me with everything I needed. They tried to explain everything as good as possible and the longer I worked there the more responsibilities I got.
Thanks to this internship I’ve had the chance to learn everything about the administration in a company and I think that when you work in a school the amount of administration tasks is really high, which was great for me.
Due to my timetable, I got to know a part of the Spanish culture too, because in Spain it’s normal to work till 9 o’clock! For a Belgian girl like me, those were really long days though, because I’m used to eat dinner around 7 o’clock, so about 2 hours before I finished working, my stomach always started making noises already! In the end I got kind of used to it though, so the sounds stopped!
I want to thank everyone at Tía Tula for the patience they had with me when they had to explain something. I especially want to thank Rosa for being so sweet to me always and to make me feel welcome in the Tía Tula-team.
Tía Tula was my first really work-experience, and it was an experience that I won’t forget!

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