Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New reference page about Salamanca

A new webpage is born:
This website provides you with all the necessary information for your stay in Salamanca, whether you’re planning to stay for a short or a long time.
The website gives you information about your arrival in Salamanca, the accommodation types that are offered, how to move through the city, what to visit, various restaurants that are classified by different categories, where to study Spanish, the different cinema’s in the city, museums, entertainment in the city, the history of Salamanca and information about the weather.  It also informs you about the health institutions in the city, centers that are specialized in supporting foreign people and how you can communicate in Salamanca (f.e. phone companies) and to finish the website also shares some interesting links.
Tía Tula is proud to be part of this website, which we recommend to visit. We’d also like to assure you that there is a Spanish version of this website available.
It’s a website that is worth visiting!

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