Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trip to Zamora

In this post I’ll talk about the visit to Zamora we did with some students.

Zamora is a city in the northwest of Spain, near the frontier with Portugal. It is crossed by the Duero river and they actually offer boat rides on the river, but sadly they only start those boat trips at the end of March. But there was of course more than just a river in the city. Zamora counts 24 Romanesque style churches, which makes it the city where you can find most churches of that style of all Europe.

We did a walking tour through the city and I think we passed like 15 of them.

Before our visit I looked up some information about the city and while doing that I found an article about the Holy Week in Zamora. During that week all the inhabitants of the city are celebrating and enjoy the organized activities. When I visited the city last week, people of all ages were already practicing the songs that they are going to play during the festivities!

We all took lots of pictures but I took one that is kind of special to me. On this special picture you see a connection between 2 buildings. I can’t really say why, but I really liked this. It connected two buildings, of which one was completely different of the other one. It made me think about the group I was visiting the city with. We are all completely different persons, of all different countries (Belgium, Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Czech Republic & United States), but even though there are so many differences between us, we still connect, and we had a great time together!

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