Monday, December 3, 2012

Salamanca by night!

I’m in Salamanca since August and, shame on me, I had never visited the whole city by night. It was a big mistake that I wanted to change!

That’s why, a few days ago, I went through the city with a friend to have a walk and take pictures of the main monuments by night. It was a wonderful experience! Forgetting the cold weather, I saw Salamanca on its better side.

We began from the Plaza Mayor, with our cameras until the Roman Bridge (photo). Everything was shining; it was a beautiful landscape to admire. The bridge by day and by night are completely different!

Then we went to Casa Lis, the University en the Casa de las Conchas (photo). We used to see these monuments by night and it was a great experience to discover them a second time during the night, with all of the lights. We also visited the cathedral and a few little churches.

We had the chance to assist to the Huelga (November 14). Very Spanish!

Finally, it was a little short but an amazing experience to discover the city like if it was the first time.

I have two more weeks to discover the end of the city by night!

By Justine Pons (student intern)

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