Friday, November 23, 2012

Extra-curricular activities 26th - 30th November

Monday 26th, 19:00: Facade of the University. A member of the school will tell us the history of the University´s monument.
Meeting point: Tía Tula - Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Tuesday 27th, 19;45: Cinema: "EL SENIMIENTO TRAGICO DE ESPAÑA" (1987) by Ángel Lozano. Watch the film followed by two short films related to one another. Price: 1.20€ - Meeting point: Tía tula - Approximate duration: 2h

Wednesday 28th, 17:00: Film: A good oportunity to practise your Spanish. Meeting point: Tía Tula

Thursday 29th, 19:00: Exhibition: "SUBLIME DOLOR 2008-2011¨ by José Fuentes. Explore, from your imagination,the thin line between pleasure and pain within human nature. Meeting point: Tía tula - Approximate duration: 1hr

Friday 30th, 20:00: Poole: We will go and have fun playing poole in a games bar. Price: Your consumption + participation in the games. Meeting point: Tía Tula

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