Thursday, October 11, 2012

What activities do you most like to do after the classes?

Every Monday, we publish the list of the extra curricular activities scheduled for that week on this blog. And extra curricular activities are fundamental interest for this school. Hence, we have decided to do a survey for Tía Tula’s students which they could comment about which activities like most, which less and which activities do you want to be offered by the school...All in all: we want to learn what kind of activities do you most like to do out of the class. (to be clear,we refer about activities coordinated by school...)

We put a link here, to access the survey. And we are excited about your participating: we are interested in your opinion which helps us to improve us.It doesn’t take long time to do: one or two minutes,you’ll see. Thanks for participating...

Tía Tula’s Survey about Extracurricular Activities

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