Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tía Tula´s Spanish teaching courses

One of the popular courses with Tía Tula, when referring to short specialised courses, is the Spanish teacher course. It is a course thought out for all, natives and non-natives, who want to dedicate themselves to teaching Spanish in a foreign country (or within Spain for foreigners). It´s also for people who are already teachers and wish to expand their training with a short course in a school with high quality Spanish in Salamanca, with the objective of finding new approaches to the techniques of teaching. 

The course is available in to ways:  in the school or through distance learning. In school students obviously take the course in Tia Tula, Salamanca and have fixed dates. In this time they also get to observe real classes and can even give a class themselves. The distance learning option is possible by the means of Skype. Students have tutorials with Tía Tula´s teachers, making them individual classes; this means there is more flexibility with the timetable and content which in turn helps people with no previous training as much as it can help more experimental people in search of new resources.   

For more information on the Spanish teacher training courses, please follow the link: www.spanishteachertraining.com

If you or anybody else is interested in the course, don´t hesitate to sign up, it´s a great course!

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  1. Hi, Here are other students' experiences in Salamanca, Spain. Fascinating journey. I hope you do comment: http://bit.ly/M5Ue6a