Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tía Tula, accredited school by the Instituto Cervantes

It´s been great news for Tía Tula this year, the fact that it has been accredited by theInstituto Cervantes, one of the highest acknowledgements of quality Spanish teaching a school can have. It´s not that Tía Tula has converted into a better school with this accreditation but after an exhaustive process of evaluation from the Instituto Cervantes, it has recognised and guaranteed that the teaching of Spanish for foreigners and the related services carried out by Tía Tula are of the highest quality and therefore have integrated it into it´s network of associated centres.

What exactly does it mean to be an associated centre of the Instituto Cervantes and to be in it´s associated network of centres? It means that the Instituto Cervantesguarantees that the centre meets the quality requirements of Spanish teaching, in other words: legal requirements to carry out Spanish teaching, a team of qualified teachers with adequate training, a teaching plan that guarantees adequate progression, a maximum number of students per class and last but not least, truthful advertising when it comes to offers. The Instituto Cervantes defines the parameters that define the accomplishment of these conditions and undergoes, with the rest of the integrated network of centres, periodical revisions to check and validate these parameters. The final result is that the accredited centres have a supervised program of continual improvement which in turn means the continual improvement of it´s courses and it´s teaching.   

On the certificates that it issues to its students at the end of the course, Tía Tula includes the fact that it is part of the network of associated centres of the Instituto Cervantes. This gives added value to the certificates, given that the stamp of quality from the Instituto Cervantes is recognised world wide

We would like to congratulate everybody in Tía Tula, the staff, teachers and students as well. It´s a good time to congratulate everyone in the school for their day to day contribution to the school. It has been endearing and enriching experience for all... Thank you!    

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