Friday, January 13, 2012

Visit to the cave - 12/1/2012

Yesterday students from Tía Tula visited the mysterious cave of Salamanca. Thankfully all returned safe and sound and were not affected by the black magic of the cave.

The legend goes that students used to be taught black magic in the cave. At one point in history the cave used to be as famous as the university.
One student who went on the tour said the view was the best and that it´s a brilliant way to get to know other students and the staff at Tía Tula. She also said that if she hadn´t have signed up to the tour, she would never have known about the cave, which is   hidden in a small corner of Salamanca.
So, if the cave of Salamanca has caught your attention, don´t forget to sign up to the next tour or any of the other activities that take your fancy!

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