Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Comida. Although it is just one simple Spanish word, its value should not be underestimated. Spanish people & food = passion. Desayuno, almuerzo, comida, merienda, tapas, cenar…enough words to express different meals – each with its own uses and times. For instance, if you would walk into a tapas bar at 4PM, you would be without a doubt the only one whom is having a meal, accompanied by the bartender and the TV. However, if you wait for a couple of hours and enter the bar around 7ish, you will experience a complete different setting. Lots of Spanish people talking, eating and drinking. Napkins spread around over the floor and the sound of good talks and laughs.

After a first tasty tapas, all ready to go to the next tapas bar!
Last Friday, a group of students from Tía Tula joined the tapas tour organized by the school for having some tapas together. A great success – due to the size of the group (about 20), the students didn’t even manage to visit the last bar! At each bar, the students tried different tapas dishes and had a drink (or two). A great start for the weekend, not only by making new friends but also to taste a bit more of the Spanish culture. Can’t wait for the next delicious activity!

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