Monday, April 18, 2016

Extracurricular activities 18.04.2016 - 24.04.2016

This week at Tía Tula, we´re remembering the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. You can find out about all the activities here: Conmemoración del IV centenario de la muerte de Miguel de Cervantes.
And of course, don´t forget to check out our other extracurricular activities:

Monday, April 18, Bike ride - 17:30: We´ll take a bike ride around Salamanca to discover the city from a different perspective. Are you in?
Time: 1 hour

Tuesday, April 19, Santa Clara Convent - 17:00: We´ll visit the museum of the Santa Clara Convent, which contains many interesting artworks, from sculptures to pictures.
Time: 1 hour

Wednesday, April 20, Trivia contest - 16:50: We´ll spend the afternoon playing a fun game of trivia among teams, organized by our teacher Beatriz.
Time: 1 hour

Thursday, April 21, Spring poetry recital – Starting at 19:30: We´ll hold a literary workshop in La Manolita, run by A.C. Pentadrama (coordinated by Montse Villar) in collaboration with ASAPAR (the Salamanca Association of Patients with Arthritis). What´s more, we´ll get to enjoy a musical performance by Nela Escribano. Don´t miss out!
Find out more information here
Time: 2 hours

Friday, April 22, Tapas tour - 19:30: We´ll finish off the week with a tapas tour. We´ll visit some of the best bars in the city center to try some typical pinchos. 
Time: 1 hour

Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24: Excursions – Check with the school secretary to find out where you can take a trip this weekend so you can have an unforgettable time.

We´d like to remind you that it´s necessary to sign up for each activity in order to reserve a spot; a minimum of 3 people is normally required. The meeting point is always Tía Tula, unless we inform you otherwise. 

The activities are not only for having fun (that´s a guarantee). They´re also meant for you to improve your knowledge of the culture in Salamanca and Spain, and to use the Spanish that you learn in class.

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