Monday, September 21, 2015

Extracurricular activities 21.09.2015 - 27.09.2015

A new week and new activities with Tía Tula. Here there is all the information about the opportunities to practice and improve your Spanish having fun:

Monday 21, 5:00 pm: Basketball – Come and play basketball in one of the city's basket field. 
Approximate duration: 1h30.

Tuesday 22, 6:30 pm: Visit to the cathedrals of Salamanca – Discover the history hidden behind the Salamanca's cathedrals while having a walk.
Approximate duration: 1h

Wednesday 23, 6:20 pm: Urban exhibition – We're going to the Barrio del Oeste and see the original decorations of its buildings.
Approximate duration: 1h

Thursday 24, 5:30 pm: Music workshop with Elena – Our teacher Elena will take us
Approximate duration: 1h

Friday 25, 6:20 pm: Photography Contest – Photography contest about Lights and Shadows on Salamanca. We will public on our social media the winner picture.
Approximate duration: 1h

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27: Excursions – Would you like to go to León and Astorga? Please ask our secretary for more information and take a look on this weekend programm.

Please don't forget that you need to sign up for each activity at the reception desk (in order to reserve your place). The minimum number of participants required fro each activity is usually three. Also, unless otherwise stated, the meeting point is Tía Tula school. Lastly, if there's no price mentioned in the description, the activity is free of charge. 

Try to participate in as many activities as you can; they are designed not just for you to have fun, but also to improve your knowledge of Salamanca and Spanish culture, and to put into practice the Spanish you have learnt in class. 

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