Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Libraries in Salamanca

Do you like our new location in Palominos St? Tía Tula has moved, but it is still in privileged location: the heart of the city centre. And in social media and this blog we will continue to share news about the school, Salamanca and Spain, as well as about culture and practical information. Just as this article, in which we're going to tell you about four libraries situated at less than 5 minutes from Tía Tula.

As we were saying yesterday With such proverbial words Fray Luis de León resumed his classes at University of Salamanca, after five years in jail. Just like him, many other writers and important people of the arts and culture have been in Salamanca and today all the fruits of the past centuries are well guarded in the numerous libraries of the city.

In the very centre, near Tía Tula and in less than 5 minutes, you can find different libraries. The closest one, the Faculty of Philoly's, is in Palominos St, just opposite to Tía Tula. The library's main building was projected in 1969 by the architect Fernando Chueca Goitia.
The Unamuno House Museum is a 18th Century's building in which Miguel de Unamuno lived when he was the Dean of the University of Salamanca, in the earlier 20th Century. The museum keeps the memory of Miguel de Unamuno, spreading his works and guarding an extensive archive, which help us to reconstruct the history between XIXth and XXth Centuries.

The University Historical Library since 1995 is exclusively a research centre.

It guards and keeps many collections from the 13th Century, as well as codices, manuscripts and fragments, books, pamphlets, periodical publications, maps, etc., nowadays considered as a part of the Historical Spanish Heritage
If you'd like to visit it in a virtual way, in this link you can see the library and the treasures it guards.

As the University Historical Library, the House of Shells hosts a public library. The edifice, built between 1493 and 1517, is an example of gothic and plateresque style, typical of the Spanish Renaissance. The singularity of this building resides in his approximately 300 Saint Jaime shells that decorate the façade and, according to the legend, in one of these shells there is a golden coin... 

If you are a student staying in Salamanca for more than 4 months, then you can request the library card and thus be entitled to the library's loan service. Otherwise, you can just go and read the books and enjoy the study material, as well as the Internet connection and PCs.

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