Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Casa Lis

If you like the turn of the century style, and if you'd like to see something special in a really good location, then you should go and visit the Casa Lis. Obviously it's very cheap, especially if you have the student card ;)

More than a wonderful example of Art Deco building in Salamanca, the museum holds a wide collection of forniture, statues and other typical objects of that period. A very unique collection, and even a bit odd, is the porcelain doll one. Counting 300 pieces, it's the widest public show in the world of this kind.

What interested me more was the abundance of decorations. There are examples of jewels by René Lalique (with the famous grass and dragonflies that have begun a symbol of Art Deco), Carl Fabergé's eggs and chryselephantine statues, porcelains and enamel, brozes, paintings, sculptures, fans and handkerchieves. Moreover there is a glass collection which consists of chandeliers, vases, perfume bottles y board games. All, even the smallest objests, is finely decorated with modern techniques wich highlight the colours.

4550-Casa Lis (Salamanca)

My favourite place is that of the Café: here it really seems to travel through the time. From here you can go to the terrace and admire the astonishing south façade of the building, with its galeries of iron and glass in a perfect combination of classic and modern style. Moreover in the central patio there is a galery with columns of fused metal and wonderful painted glasses. In the whole building stand out the decorations over the doors representing the blueflower honoring the very first owner Miguel de Lis.


Until the 1st of september you can visit the exposition "Coco Chanel y sus amigos", with a colection of pictures, dresses and even the most known perfumes of the greatest stilist ever. Futhermore, next friday august 7th the concert cycle "Una noche con Coco" will end with Sheila Blanco performing classic rock, jazz, blues and french song versions. There will be the opportunity to visit all the collections and enjoy this magic place until 12 pm.

Ester (Italy)

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