Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plazas y Patios 2015

The program of "Plazas y Patios" continues in Salamanca during the whole summer. Until august 30th we could carry on enjoying a wide variety of theatral performances and musical exhibitions for all the public and moreover for free.

Take a look on what the august program offers!


Picture: Europa Press
7 | 14 | 21 | 28 august, 8.30 pm - Plaza de San Benito
El Crimen del fraile Luis - Etón Teatro
Etón Teatro sets up a play based on the key person of the 16 century in Salamanca, starting from an original text by Ángel González Quesada.

Saturdays, 12.00 pm y 7.15 pm - Salida Casa de Santa Teresa 
Theatralized tour - Mi nombre es Teresa - Los Absurdos Teatro
Through this thetralized tour, let's discover the traveller Saint who intellectually and spiritually enriched the lives of all salmantinos.

Fridays y Saturdays, 9.00 pm | 9.30 pm | 10.00 pm - Cueva de Salamanca
Summer in the Cave - El estudiante de Salamanca. Theatralized Visit - By Luis García Jambrina
In the most symbolic and legendary place in Salamanca, this theatral adaptation of El estudiante de Salamanca by Espronceda tries to approach the spectators in a new way.



1st of august, 10.30 pm - Santo Domingo de la Cruz (gardens)
Et Encore
A really original repertoir of songs from the Irish tradition mixed with Belgian popular songs and a touch of rock and folk.

of august, 10.30 pm - Santo Domingo de la Cruz (gardens)
Randy Greer Quintet
The heir of the inimitable Nat King Cole offer us a quality repertoir developed during more the 30 years of career.

th of august, 10.30 pm - Santo Domingo de la Cruz (gardens)
Patio Chico
A performance of the real flamenco of Salamanca.  

of august, 10.30 pm - Santo Domingo de la Cruz (gardens)
Thaïs Morell Quartet. Cancioneira
Thaïs Morell offers us a combination of themes from the Brazilian popular music with Africans and Europeans folklorics details.

th of august, 10.30 pm - Santo Domingo de la Cruz (gardens)
Rubem Dantas. Rubem Dantas Cajón Tour
Another Brazilian artist, Rubem Dantas is a famous percusionist all around the world. 

You can download pdf program at this link

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