Monday, June 1, 2015

Extracurricular activities 1.06.2015 - 7.06.2015

Actividades extraescolares | Colegio Tía Tula | semana 1 junio 2015
 Let's welcome June with Tía Tula's extracurricular activities. Ideal to keep practising Spanish. Are you in?

Monday 1, 5:30 pm: Theatre workshop - We are heading to Espacio Almargen to learn some theatre games and exercises -in Spanish, of course!
Approximate duration: 2 h.
Tuesday 2, 7:45 pm: Cookery lesson - This week we will cook a delicious paella and then taste it.
Approximate duration: 1 h.

Wednesday 3, 7:30 pm: Book presentation - Our Chief of Studies, Montse Villar, will present her latest book "Bitácoras de Silencios" at Teatro Liceo. Teacher Carmen L. will go with you. Don't miss out! 
Approximate duration: 1:30 h.

Thursday 4, 7:45 pm: Urban gallery - Do you know Barrio del Oeste? Its open-air urban gallery is a must-see. They are creating new pieces, so we may even get the chance to talk to the artists!
Approximate duration: 1 h.

Friday 5, 7:20 pm: Exhibition + tapas - Back to Barrio del Oeste, we will visit the exhibition "He cambiado de opinión" (meaning I've changed my mind) at La Salchichería. We will after go have some tapas.
Approximate duration: 1:30 h.

Saturday 6, Excursions – Lisboa-Coimbra-Fátima, Aveiro, Toro, Valencia or Gandía. A great weekend ahead, you choose your destination. Further information at the reception desk.

Please don't forget that you need to sign up for each activity at the reception desk (in order to reserve your place). The minimum number of participants required for each activity is usually three. Unless otherwise stated, the meeting point is Tía Tula school.

Try to participate in as many activities as you can; they are designed not just for you to have fun, but also to improve your knowledge of Salamanca and Spanish culture, and to put into practice the Spanish you have learnt in class.

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