Thursday, June 25, 2015

15 Beatles covers in Spanish

They were among the first ones, alongside with Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones, to bring together thousands of fans at their concerts, even when that meant queueing for long hours, full of excitement -some fans even ended up fainting. The Beatles (in Spain, 'Los Beatles'), started the fan phenomenon, and theirs was granted its own name: beatlemania.In Spain, despite Franco's regime tried to prevent it from happening until the very last minute, The Beatles performed for the first time in 1965. Just a sign of the enormous success they have since had in our country. Numerous Spanish and Latin American artists have released or performed covers of songs by The Beatles. Here is a Youtube playlist with 15 of those, some better than others (a few are quite surreal):

And here are the artists featured on the playlist, the name of their covers and the name of the corresponding original songs by The Beatles:

Celia Cruz - 'Obladi Oblada'

Los Mustang - 'Please please me'

Los Buitres - 'Love me do'

Los Shippy's - 'Señor Cartero' ('Mr Postman')

Laredo - 'Mirlo' ('Blackbird')

Tin-Tan (Germán Valdés) - 'Quiero rascarme aquí' ('I want to hold your hand')

Los Ángeles - 'La ayuda de la amistad' ('With a little help from my friends')

The Sandpipers - 'Ayer' ('Yesterday')

El Príncipe Gitano - 'Obladi Oblada'

Carmen Sevilla - 'Yellow submarine' 

Juan y los Matemáticos - 'Cuando tenga 64' ('When I'm 64')

Camilo Sesto y Dhario Primero - 'Creo en ti' ('Let it be')

Cuatro Apriori - 'La verdad' ('No reply')

Los Ángeles Azules - 'La vi allá' ('I saw her standing there')

Los Temerarios - 'Voy a perder a esa chica' ('You're gonna lose that girl')

Los Rockets - 'Abrázame' ('Hold me tight')

Alejandra Guzmán - 'Twist y gritos' ('Twist and shout')

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